Meet the bakers

Core Team

Daniele Occhipinti
Daniele Occhipinti
Founder, CEO, Technical Head and User Support
I was born in Italy where I grew up and got my degree in Electronic Engineering. After that, I moved to the UK.
Before starting Plancake, I was the lead developer and system administrator of one of the most successful online marketing companies in the UK.
I love taking care of Plancake and all our users.
Yuki Inoue
User Experience Consultant and Business Development Consultant for Japan
I was born in Tokyo, Japan. I moved to the UK a fairly long time ago.
I help decide which features will come next and how they should be implemented.
I also help develop the business in Japan.
Andrea Occhipinti
Business Development Consultant for Italy (and more)
I live in Italy where I'm getting a degree in Economics.
I am working to make Plancake successful in Italy and I support our Italian users.
Besides that, I chase bugs and pick the quotes of the day.

Top contributors

Tristan and Jacqueline Rineer
Web designers and creators of the Plancake logo
We are co-owners of Three TEN Seven Design, LLC.
The company was named after our wedding date and is a US-based company which currently has branches in Philadelphia, PA and Savannah, GA.
We proudly designed the Plancake website and logo.

Volunteer Translators

Roberto Amador
Spanish translator
I live in Mexico City where I am studying for my Bachelors Degree in IT.
I think Plancake is a great piece of software and use it everyday.
I help with the translation from English to Spanish.
Jerome Krebs
French translator
I live in France, in a little town. As I can see, it seems that I'm the older baker. One has to be!
I'm working in an European company as Manager of the Production and Logistics department.
I use GTD in a simple way, and also Plancake which is for me a master piece.
Luiz Angioletti
Brazilian Portuguese translator
I'm a computer engineering undergrad, eager for my graduation.
My interests are very diverse, but computers, languages and personal development are the first three out of the top of my head. Also, I like to contribute to things I find useful.
Add all that together and you'll find Plancake translated to Brazilian Portuguese (some of it was me!).
Elly Jeurissen
Dutch translator
I am a mathematician and have worked as such both in industry and in official statistics. Now I teach Mathematics.
I have been using computers and handhelds for a long time, and have been struggling to find something that I could use to easily implement GTD. Then I found Plancake.
I try to get my pupils to see the benefits of GTD, and a computer application is always interesting to them. And for them a Dutch version is much easier.
Gabriel Fernandes
Brazilian Portuguese translator
I'm a Computer Engineer. Currently I'm working at the telecommunications industry.
I started learning about productivity when I was at University and tried to do everything possible at the same time. GTD and ZTD are the methodologies that fitted better for me.
I like to contribute with tools I use a lot and think that more people should be able to use, it's like a payback. So I volunteered to be a Plancake translator to Brazilian Portuguese. Hope you enjoy it!

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