Plancake is Open Source

Plancake is not only a helpful tool, it is also an open source project.

There are various components that make up the Plancake project. They are released under the AGPL license, which has been approved by the Open Source Initiative.

Please contact us if you need any commercial support with the installation of any component or if you would like bespoke customisations.

Plancake API kits

You may be interested in this library if you want to develop a client application that will use your Plancake data stored in the Cloud.

GitHub repository for the PHP API Kit

GitHub repository for the Javascript API Kit

GitHub repository for the Java API Kit

Please read the Plancake API documentation for more details.

Misc libraries

These are libraries we think may be useful to other developers in their own projects.

PHP Email Parser available on GitHub.

Plancake extension for Google Chrome

The extension is available on GitHub.

Plancake Web app

You can download Plancake and install it on your own web server but don't forget you can simply create an account and start using Plancake for free without having to install, update or backup anything.

Plancake is a PHP5/MySQL web application built on Symfony, the enterprise-level Object Oriented PHP Framework.

To install Plancake on your server, there are some pre-requisites that are unfortunately quite demanding (please help us make the installation process easier):

Download the web application

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"...you'll have access to all of the great tools in Plancake." Lifehacker.com

"Plancake is great, works well, has plenty of shortcuts and makes managing your work and tasks even easier." Makeuseof.com

Plancake in the media

  • ...you'll have access to all of the great tools in Plancake.Lifehacker.com
  • One key to effective task management is using a versatile to-do list manager. Plancake is a solid application...Ostatic.com
  • Plancake is great, works well, has plenty of shortcuts and makes managing your work and tasks even easier.Makeuseof.com

Plancake, the good parts

  • dump everything on your mind and feel relaxed
  • centralize all your stuff in one place
  • access your stuff from anywhere in several ways
  • you don't lose your ideas if your computer gets broken or stolen
  • hourly off-site backups

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